A collaboration between the ADHS, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México-Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales (IIS-UNAM) and El Colegio de México-Centro de Estudios Internacionales (CEI-Colmex)

José María Obregón, El descubrimiento del pulque (The Discovery of Pulque), 1869

Alcohol, drugs and intoxication have always been part of human society, but their differing social or religious meanings and their varied regional controls have shifted over time.

Today, after centuries of worldwide drug and alcohol prohibition, which were often met by resistance and accompanied by crime and violence, study of this history is reaching new levels of sophistication and global diversity, with new implications for scholarly dialogue and synthesis, as well as new political and policy implications.

Latin America has always been an important producer and exporter of psychoactive substances. It is a crossroads—ideas, substances and policy decisions flow in and out with huge consequences for the rest of the world. It has always played a central role in our understanding of intoxicants, from practices to policy. Mexico City is therefore perfectly situated as a venue for the Alcohol and Drug History Society’s 2021, bi-annual conference. Following on from the Society’s 2019 meeting in Shanghai, the Mexico City conference is particularly concerned with broadening and disseminating the exciting work of today’s alcohol and drug historians to a truly global audience, while also attracting and encouraging researchers from all over the world to participate.


Paul Gootenberg

President-elect of ADHS. Stony Brook University, NY

Luis Astorga

Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Monica Serrano

Centro Estudios Internacionales-El Colegio de México

Isaac Campos

University of Cincinnati

Cecilia Autrique

Universidad Iberoamericana

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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México has a large campus and has good public transportation (metro and metrobus), with museums and two restaurants at walking distance from the Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales. There are several hotels nearby, such as the Radisson Paraiso Hotel and there are two shopping malls close by, Perisur and Plaza Cuicuilco, with a wide variety of coffee shops, restaurants and stores. The campus is near Coyoacán, a beautiful neighborhood with a plaza, market, museums and bookstores.

Call for papers

We will release a detailed call for papers, including the on-line submission address very soon.